The Life Improvement Foundation

The Life Improvement Foundation

Life Improvement Foundation is dedicated to the development and sustainability of human lives. The vision was birthed by Rev. Melvin Dahn, who coming out of a struggling past as a Liberian grew up in a country termed a 3rd world country, was opportune to see the ugly and good sides of life through the grace of God.

Rev. Melvin Dahn realized that the difference between the poor and rich is access. Access because those who succeed in life, have access to basic tools that help them become successful while others lack the access to those tools. LIF creates opportunities for those who lack access to the basics of life. There are so many ways people can bring improvement to his or her life. LIF focuses on improving lives firstly through Spiritual, mental and Health transformation.


The supernatural controls the natural. Man is a spirit, lives in a body and has a soul (emotions, intellect, mind etc.). The first gateway to a better life improvement is encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. LIF provides opportunity to people to hear the gospel through the establishment of churches, crusades, seminars, revivals, camp meetings, recorded preaching and teaching (CDs, USB etc.), long-term fast and prayer meetings, all night tarries, books, Christian magazines and gospel preached through BREAKTHROUGH FM.


The mind is the center for information storage. The more you know the better it impacts your behavior. LIF provides academic schools to help single parents and also parents who cannot afford to send their kids to school. LIF also provides FRESH IMPACT BIBLE SCHOOL to help educate and raise better leaders in our churches. Creating leadership seminars for churches and also organizations to help organizational behaviors.


Healthcare has always been key to any community development. The healthier we are the longer we live. Liberia has a lot of towns, villages and towns that have no or deplorable healthcare facilities. LIF helps to improve already existing healthcare facilities or build healthcare centers to where they are most needed.